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 I'm Marcellus Holley, also known as @justcellus, and I'm here to be your trusted source for online fitness training, business coaching, and corporate wellness solutions. With a wealth of experience and expertise, I'm a dedicated fitness entrepreneur and influencer.

My journey is... rooted in fitness, with a background in NCAA basketball and NASM certification, giving me the knowledge and skills to guide you towards achieving your desired physique and optimal health. As an Under Armour sponsored athlete, I embody the commitment and dedication required to excel in the fitness industry.

Beyond fitness training, I'm also well-versed in online fitness business sales and coaching. With ~10 years of corporate sales leadership experience, I have a deep understanding of the sales process and have successfully led and trained sales teams. My expertise extends to building sales programs and achieving remarkable sales results, including winning multiple President Sales awards. I've also helped other trainers elevate their businesses, enabling them to generate $10k in less than 60 days.

With me as your consultant, you'll receive personalized attention, expert advice, and a wealth of proven strategies to transform your business, increase your sales, and achieve long-term success. My commitment to excellence and passion for empowering others shines through in every aspect of my work.

Start exploring my digital offerings today.

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