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Welcome to the official website of Marcellus Holley (@justcellus), your trusted source for online fitness training, fitness business sales and coaching, and corporate wellness solutions. As a highly accomplished fitness entrepreneur and influencer, Marcellus brings a wealth of experience and expertise to help you reach your fitness and business goals.

Fitness is at the core of Marcellus's journey. With a background in NCAA basketball and being NASM certified, he possesses the knowledge and skills to guide you towards achieving your desired physique and optimal health. Having trained at Gold's Gym and transformed the bodies of numerous individuals, Marcellus has established himself as a go-to fitness expert. As an Under Armour sponsored athlete, he embodies the commitment and dedication required to excel in the fitness industry.

In addition to fitness training, Marcellus is also well-versed in online fitness business sales and coaching. With nine years of corporate sales leadership experience, he has a deep understanding of the sales process and has successfully led and trained sales teams. Marcellus's expertise extends to building sales programs and achieving remarkable sales results, including winning multiple President Sales awards. He has also helped other trainers elevate their businesses, enabling them to generate $10k in less than 60 days.

At this website, you can access a wide range of services tailored to meet your unique fitness and business needs. Whether you're looking for online fitness training programs designed for your specific goals, guidance on building and scaling your fitness business, or corporate wellness solutions to enhance employee well-being and productivity, Marcellus has you covered.

With Marcellus Holley as your guide, you'll receive personalized attention, expert advice, and a wealth of proven strategies to help you transform your body, grow your business, and achieve long-term success. His commitment to excellence and passion for empowering others shines through in every aspect of his work.


Take the first step towards reaching your fitness and business goals today. Explore the website to learn more about Marcellus's offerings, testimonials from satisfied clients, and get inspired by his remarkable journey. Join the community of individuals who have experienced the transformative power of Marcellus Holley's fitness training, business coaching, and corporate wellness programs.

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