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"Marcellus has a gift of knowing exactly where to push me and what I can achieve more than what I even think I can. He never lets my workouts become stagnant and adjusts when necessary."


“I was always one to go to the gym without a set routine. I would have long tiresome workout and see little results. After starting with BodybyCellus, I knew after the first workout things were about to change drastically. I no longer went to the gym without a plan, and I started doing workouts tailored to me. I noticed results that seemed to come almost instantly. I definitely recommend you give BodybyCellus a shot. You have everything to gain, and only body fat to lose."


"Being a new mom, I really struggled to find balance after my baby was born. Fitness had always been a huge part of my life and I wanted to get that back. I explained my situation to Marcellus, what my goals were and that I ended home-based workouts, he truly listens to what I needed out of a training program and designed a program with little equipment I had at home. Now, I do all my workouts at home while my baby naps! My workouts are not only fit to my schedule, but they are effective! He is a genuinely, kind-hearted person who wants to help you see the results you want. He will work closely with you to make sure he tailors your program to fit your needs. In just a couple of months, I’ve already lost 12lbs and gained back a lot of the muscle I lost during my pregnancy. He is a great cheerleader and an amazing coach."


“The Body By Cellus program is perfect for anyone who is looking to improve their overall health. Whether you want to tone, get shredded, or lose weight, this program is a one stop shop. The customized workout plans make your time in the gym fly by and most importantly, you will begin to see results within 2-4 weeks! No matter what your fitness goals are, the Body By Cellus program will get you where you need to be."
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